102lb Honeycomb Calcite Amber Onyx Rock Stone Crystal Formation Drilled Holes



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A fine and impressive 102 pound Honeycomb calcite crystal or stone. Features ten drilled holes. The stone is transparent and translucent, offering a luminous glow when accentuated by artificial, direct or indirect lighting.

Honeycomb Calcite is a beautiful and impressive form of calcite. mined exclusively in the Salt Lake City region. Honeycomb Calcite, much like onyx and marble (in general characteristics) can provide a colorful replacement or dramatic accent stone for architectural and artistic applications.

Back in 1995, valuable calcite deposits were discovered in Northern Utah and Shamrock Mining Associates would gain the exclusive mining rights to Utah’s beautiful Amber Onyx, also called Honey Onyx or Honeycomb Calcite.

The “explorer” who made the discovery was Floyd Anderson, now a vibrant 95-years-old. He has a PhD in family relations and psychology, and was looking for an adventure that was different from his career in higher education, when he got an invitation to search for emeralds with a group of distinguished geologists, a gemologist and graduate students from BYU. No emeralds were unearthed, but Anderson did find what he would come to call honeycomb calcite.

The discovery came about completely by accident, when topsoil was being removed and workers noticed the “glowing” stone, caused by the sun refracting through the calcite crystals. Comparable to onyx and marble, Honeycomb Calcite can be used for dramatic accents in artistic, decorative and architectural applications.

According to the folks at Shamrock Mining, Honeycomb Calcite can look like “just another rock” at first sight. It’s chalky-looking stone that, when the stone is cut, one finds an interior honeycomb-like cellular pattern. The name Honeycomb Calcite comes from the fact that the stone has a honeycomb appearance when the surface is polished.


Good overall condition, very solid, natural.


18" x 12" x 17"h