1950s Longines Wittnauer 14K Gold Diamond Wrist Watch Alligator Band Italy 17j



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Mid 20th century Longines / Kaspar & Esh 14K gold wrist watch featuring a grooved bezel with knot lug case and guilloche bezel with diamonds set at the primary hours. Case: Kaspar & Esh for Longines-Wittnauer Watch Co Inc - 14K Gold - Serial Number 860178. Movement: Longines Watch Co - Swiss - 17 Jewels - 22L - Unadjusted - LXW - Serial Number: 7738888. Mechanical / wind up. Gold face with black pips / tick marks, one minute subdial, black hands. Black alligator leather buckle band, made in Italy.

"Barnett Esh, a talented bench jeweler, and Rachael Kaspar, a dynamic saleswoman, met in 1916 and became partners – in business and, eventually, in life. In the late 1920s, the Great Depression changed everything, and the market for gold and diamond jewelry disappeared almost overnight. Timepieces, however, were selling, so Kaspar & Esh switched gears and began manufacturing watchcases for Longines Wittnauer. This line of business grew and by the mid-1930s, Barnett – along with two partners – bought the exclusive U.S. rights to Longines Wittnauer. As before, the watch movements were shipped to New York from Switzerland, but the design, manufacture, assembly and distribution of the watches was all done in-house by Kaspar & Esh. Through the early 1940s, Kaspar & Esh continued producing watchcases and began manufacturing fine jewelry once again. In 1940, Stanley Sternberg married Esther Esh, the eldest daughter of Barnett and Rachael Esh, and went to work for his in-laws. During World War II, having secured a government contract, Kaspar & Esh manufactured range finders for the United States Navy. After the war, Stanley and Esther took over operations for the company, with Stanley assuming the role of President and CEO in 1974. By this time, Kaspar & Esh had severed its ties with Longines Wittnauer, but the number of fine jewelry collections the company produced grew exponentially. Lewis Esh Sternberg grew up in the family business and when his father, Stanley Sternberg, passed away in 1992, he took over ownership and day-to-day operation of Kaspar & Esh. Owner Ben Sternberg officially bought Kaspar & Esh from his father, Lewis Esh Sternberg, in 2008, and operates the company today from his factory in Long Island City (Queens)." (Source: Kaspar & Esh)

"Albert Wittnauer immigrated from Switzerland to New York City in 1872 at the age of 16. There he worked for his brother-in-law at the J. Eugene Robert Company (founded circa 1866-67), an importer of Swiss watches and movements, including Longines. The watches were popular, but expensive due to import taxes. Wittnauer realized they could lower prices, while stil offering the same level of quality, by assembling the watches domestically, or producing them in their own subsidiary in Switzerland. In 1880, Wittnauer introduced his first line of watches at J. Eugene Robert under the brand "Wittnauer." In 1888, Albert took over the company and renamed it the A. Wittnauer Company. Among Wittnauer's brands was Longines, Vacheron & Constantin, and LeCoultre. Following the deaths of Albert and his brothers, Martha Wittnauer took over the company, running it from 1916-1936. During her tenure, she encouraged the company's involvement in the US Navy, aviation industry and world of sports, recieving recognition from the US Olympic Committee and the American Expeditionary Force during World War I. In 1936 the company was told to the Hella Deltah Company, who changd it's name to Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company. In 1969 it was sold to the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. In 1994 the company was renamed to Wittnauer international Inc, as the distribution agreement with Longines ended. Two years later Wittnauer was acquired by Robert L. Coleman and Charles D. Watkins of Composite Resources, and in 2001 was acquired by Bulova." (Source: Vintage Watch Inc)


Good Overall - Light wear


1.25" x 1.5" x 0.25" / Band Fits - 6" to 7.75" (Width x Depth x Height) / 23 g