Antique Egralharve Mineral Spring Spirit Lake Embossed Glass Water Bottle 8"



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Early 20th century glass bottle from the Egralharve Mineral Springs of Spirit Lake, IA.

Egralharve Bottling Works was started when Gordon Badgerow bought some property in 1891 on West Lake Okoboji that featured a spring. He called the spot Egralharve after his three sons, Egbert, Ralph and Harve. The water of the spring was reported to have “health-giving properties, as the Indians, years before the settlement by the whites, made it their camping grounds and brought thither their sick for cure,” according to historical documents at the Maritime Museum. “By then the water was called ‘Minne-do-ka.’ Great claims are made for the therapeutic value of this water. Multitudes of tired city folk as well as people from village and hamlet have come to this spring for relief from rheumatism and a host of other ills.”

It was in 1912, that the family built a bottling plant so they could sell the mineral water. They sold it still, carbonated and flavored.

“As a promotional stunt, two live Florida alligators were displayed at the factory. The Egralharve Bottling Works venture was discontinued after only a few years because it was not profitable,” according to the documents.


Good Overall - Gentle wear/residue


2.25" x 8.25" (Diameter x Height)