1930 General Motors 140 "The Late Italian Radio" Antique Receiver Cabinet 50"



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The General Motors model 140 "The Late Italian" is an AC operated, 8 tube BC band receiver. This radio has four tuned radio frequency circuits using three 224 screen grid tubes, a dectector stage using a 227 tube, a first audio stage using a 227 tube and the final audio stage consisting of two 245 tubes configured as a push-pull amplifier. The set also uses a 280 full wave rectifier tube.

1930 General Motors Catalog states: A period style name applied to furniture created in Italy during the seventeenth century. The character is sculptural and largely architectural. Carving in low relief was the chief form of decoration. This model is an unusually handsome highboy with a distintive serpentine front.

There are four knobs: Upper left is the tone control, lower left is the power switch, upper right is the station selector and the lower right is the volume control. The small lower dial is the tone indicator.


Very Good
Slight bowing and wobble to base when moving


27.125” x 18” x 50.25”
(Width x Depth x Height)