Antique Joseon Dynasty Embroidered Silk Textile Floral Bird Vase Calligraphy 31"



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Antique Joseon Dynasty (possibly Li Dynasty period) needlepoint textile silk showing a blue water vase
decorated with a peacock and flowers, with calligraphy at the upper right. Translated below.

1 李朝时代 lǐ cháo shí dài The Li Dynasty period
2-1 ⻘葉 qīng yè green leave
2-2 花⻦⽂ huā niǎo wén flower bird pattern: pattern of flower and bird
3-1 ⽇瓷 rì cí Japanese china
3-2 ⽔瓶 shuǐ píng water vase

1. The Li Dynasty is probably “the Joseon period”.
2. in line 2 (2-1/2-2) the last character ⽂ is same as 紋. So vase’s pattern could be a style from the Joseon period. The character “花”(flower) and “⻦”(bird ) in (2-2) are more like a drawing instead of writing. Brilliant!
3. The 3rd line (3-1/3-2) is the most perplexing one due to its unique style which doesn’t really belong to any script style. (3-1) looks like there are 3 characters but actually just two: ⽇ + 瓷, together in line 3 all four characters deliver the meaning of “Japanese Porcelain Water Vase”


Good Overall - Some dings to frame; some pulls/wear to silk mat


20.25” x 1” x 30.75” / Sans Frame - 14” x 20.5” (Width x Depth x Height)