Vintage Michael McGovern Nantucket Foggy Morning Boats at Harbor Oil Painting 27"



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Vintage Michael McGovern ""Foggy Morning"" nautical seascape oil painting featuring sailboats / boats docked at harbor. Circa 2000.

Estate of J. Frederic Gagel, owner of multiple Thoroughbred race horses that competed in the Narragansett Special and Kentucky Derby. Their family heritage was strongly intertwined with the military having officers in battles dating back to the American Revolution.

A California native, Michael McGovern received his art education at El Camino Junior College and the UCLA Art Extension program. Subsequent studies continued in Germany, where he enjoyed a three year apprenticeship with Old Masters Instructor, Herr Alfred Herztfield. Traveling and studding extensively throughout Europe during this period. Michael focused in particular on landscape painting.

Michael moved to New England in 1984, establishing a successful career as artist, illustrator, and portrait painter. His celebrated work as portraitist includes paintings of Walter Cronkite, Leonard Bernstein, and Henry Kissinger. As well as illustrating over 200 romance novels, Michael also painted and exhibited in galleries throughout United States.

Though Michael's style is often described as photo-realistic, its minute detail never compromises the overall mood or """"""""gestalt"""""""" of the work. A master of realistic illusion, Michael displays his technical virtuosity in all of his chosen subjects. Whether it is a deserted beach at sunrise, a solemn sunset over an expanse of marshland or a winter's evening in the mountains of New England, Michael creates in each painting a visual harmony which deeply echo's the viewer's own awareness. Employing a subtle and sophisticated palette, Michael pays particular attention to the element of light in his compositions. The resulting works resonate with an atmosphere of peace, dignity and profound tranquility.

In 2000, Michael's painting Laurance and Mary's Place was accepted and made the top 200 in the prestigious National Arts for the Parks Exhibition, Michael's paintings have been broadly exhibited, and are displayed in many private and corporate collections nationwide.


Good vintage condition.


27" x 23"h x 2", sans 20" x 16"