Japanese Jizai Kagi Irori Bamboo Fish Carp Koi Hearthware Pot Holder Hook 41"



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20th century jizai kagi or Japanese kettle pot hook. Consists of a bamboo body with a rough hewn wooden hook inserted inside, and a carved wooden fish.

A jizai kagi is a Japanese hearth (irori) hook that was used to suspend cooking pots over a sunken floor hearth or open fire. The word jizai kagi translates to "free hook". The hook is adjustable, allowing the pot to be raised or lowered away from the flames. Jizai kagi were often decorated and could be designed in the shape of a fan, a fish, or the mallet of the god Daikokuten.


Good Overall - Gentle wear


11" x 4" x 41" (Width x Depth x Height)