Beken of Cowes The Art of Sailing Irex 1911 Sailboat Print Signed Framed 49"



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Large format print taken from The Art of Sailing by Beken of Cowes. Marked Irex 1911 and signed lower right. Features a portrait of a sailboat under glass, framed in pine.

When Cowes chemist Alfred Beken (1855 – 1915) first sought to experiment with marine photography, the art was in its infancy. While early attempts provided inconsistent quality, undeterred by a myriad of technical problems of photographing at sea, Frank Beken (1880 – 1970) designed and built a new style of camera. Instead of the usual canvas bellows, he used two wooden box frames. One enclosing a screw thread focusing system and shutter, with the other frame housing a viewfinder with the shutter being fired by biting a rubber ball held between his teeth!

n the early days, Frank Beken rowed himself to the race course. Estimating the course of the yachts, the effect of wind and tide, he would wait for them to approach. Distances were not marked on his camera’s viewfinder. Instead, there were three settings for vessels of different sizes, being dinghies, yachts and ships. By standing in his small open dinghy, swaying from side to side in the swell of the sea, he would wait patiently for the approaching yachts, until three-quarters filled in his viewfinder he would bite the ball in his mouth taking a photograph. On each visit out he would take some 50 glass plates (film negatives) due to their sheer weight and normally only have one chance to photograph the boats thundering towards him.

Keith Beken (1914 – 2007),(Beken of Cowes) Franks son joined his father in the 1930’s also building his own camera. Together, father and son amassed a photographic archive numbering some 135,000 glass plates.

Kenneth Beken (b.1951) joined his father Keith in the family business in 1970 and today continues over 100 years of family tradition, capturing the ever-changing history of British and international yachting from his home in Cowes Isles of Wight.

Each generation has earned the title “Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society”, and the Beken of Cowes Archive has held three Royal Warrants for excellence.


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37" x 2" x 49"; image 26.5" x 38.5"