2 Antique Framed Silhouette Lithograph Prints Brown Kellogg Forsyth Macomb 18"



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Two antique lithograph silhouettes of John Forsyth and Alexander Macomb taken from life by William Henry Brown and produced by E.B. & E.C. Kellogg.

William Henry Brown and his wife, Emmaline, left Philadelphia around 1859 and settled in a small railraod community of Saxton near Altoona, PA. He had gone there to work on the railroad, since photography had put him out of work. By 1865 he had moved to Erie, PA and was married to Margaret Horrell. They had two sons. She died shortly thereafter and he moved to Wilcox near Kane, PA. Later he lived with a niece in Georgia then married a third time to Sarah Conrad. After her death he returned to South Carolina. Connecticut Historical Society still has the 6 foot silhouette of the ""Dewitt Clinton"" locomotive he had done in 1831. They also have 14 prints he gave them in 1853 of silhouettes that are not part of the Portrait Gallery. A traveling artist, William Brown was a portrait painter and silhouettist, whose subjects were distinguished persons, especially in Philadelphia, New England, and Charleston. Brown was especially noted for a series titled ""Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans"", published in 1846 as a book of lithographs from his full-length silhouettes. Also included were biographies of the subjects.

He was born in Charleston but spent more time in Philadelphia than in the South. He trained as an engineer but in the early 1830s, devoted himself increasingly to art.
He first worked in New England and then went South, spending much time in Charleston in the 1840s and early 1850. In 1842, he was in Natchez, and he was also in St. Louis and New Orleans. However, by the late 1850s demand for his work had lessened, and he returned to being an engineer, first in Philadelphia and then in Charleston where he died in 1883.

John Forsyth Sr. (October 22, 1780 – October 21, 1841) was a 19th-century American politician from Georgia. He represented the state in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and also served as the 33rd Governor of Georgia. As a supporter of the policies of President Andrew Jackson, Forsyth was appointed secretary of state by Jackson in 1834, and continued in that role until 1841 during the presidency of Martin Van Buren.

Alexander Macomb (April 3, 1782 – June 25, 1841) was the Commanding General of the United States Army from May 29, 1828, until his death on June 25, 1841. Macomb was the field commander at the Battle of Plattsburgh during the War of 1812 and, after the stunning victory, was lauded with praise and styled ""The Hero of Plattsburgh"" by some of the American press. He was promoted to Major General for his conduct, receiving both the Thanks of Congress and a Congressional Gold Medal.


Good Overall - Wear to frame; slight yellowing to paper.


12.5” x 0.5” x 17.5” / Sans Frame - 11.5” x 16.25” (Width x Depth x Height)